High Density Urethane   A space age material, HDU has a closed cell  structure which is impervious to moisture and doesn’t  rot, split, or crack as wood does. These superior  properties even enable paints to last much longer on HDU  than on wood. This versatile material can be carved into  virtually any shape imaginable and we use it in 3D carvings to  simulate everything from weathered wood to stone.  Stone and Masonry So durable that it has beautifully preserved messages inscribed on it from the dawn of civilization. Universally admired, rugged stone can convey a variety of messages from natural, rustic simplicity, to sophisticaion; but always permanence. Gold and Gilding Long associated with power and affluence, gold not only adds a touch of finery to any dimensional sign, but is also well known for it’s excellent durability and high visibility. Dimensional Signs © Copyright 2012 Webb Signworks